1986 Porsche 924 S

Boutsen Classic Cars is delighted to offer for sale a rare and unique Porsche 924S, built to celebrate the manufacturer’s 12th win at Le Mans.

This Porsche 924 S ‘Le Mans’ edition of 1988 is a well-maintained model of Porsche’s ‘junior’ transaxle sports car, created following Porsche’s 12th outright win at the famous French race.

Coined the 924S SE in the US and ‘Le Mans’ for other markets, these were effectively ‘Club Sport’ editions built for Porsche enthusiasts.

With an impressive 165bhp 2.5-litre M44 alloy inline-four engine which is more powerful than its ‘big brother’ 944, its manual transmission and M030 suspension, the 1988 Le Mans model is a fantastic car to drive.

This particular 924S remains in superb condition with original paintwork and just 46,560km on the clock.

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