Boutsen Classic Cars - Official Ambassador


The small company A.C Cars Ltd presents Ace, a 2 litres Roadster, finely designed, featuring a nice rising line between the door and the rear wing. This beauty soon stood out from competition, both on the road and on racing tracks, until it wins its class at the 24 Heures du Mans in 1959. Impressed by its performance, a man called Carroll Shelby contacted Thames Ditton's firm and offered to create a version of the Ace, equipped with an American V8. Carroll Shelby thinks about the brand new Ford engine, compact and lightweight that the Dearborn firm would love to see in competition?). As early as February 62, the very first « Shelby AC/Cobra powered by Ford » (CSX 2000) leaves the workshops before being officially presented at the New York show in April of the same year.

Carroll Shelby’s dream came true. It is the beginning of a legendary adventure which will see the Cobra express themselves successfully on all the world's tracks, with as crowning reward, the World GT Championship, won in 65 by the “Daytona” right under a prestigious Italian manufacturer’s nose!

The Cobra Years...


Today we are reviving this legend, and fans and car lovers can experience pure driving pleasure at the wheel of one of the direct heirs of this fabulous lineage.

The legendary Shelby are available in Europe! The company Gentleman Car has been chosen to take charge of the export and distribution of these renowned cars on the old continent. And Boutsen Classic Cars, represented by Formula One Champion Thierry Boutsen, is very proud to be the brand ambassador.

I Drove a Shelby Cobra

Take a virtual ride through this amazing Vlog featuring Cedric Boutsen & Lucas Brito at the wheel of the iconic Shelby Cobra 289!


Following a fulfilling career, the ex-Formula 1 and endurance driver Thierry Boutsen (164 Grands Prix, 3 victories, 15 podiums) brilliantly reconverted, in 1997, as a private jets specialised broker, through his company Boutsen Aviation.

As in racing at the highest level, this profession requires perfect mastery, knowledge, precision and commitment. But the passion for cars remained very present in the heart of this great champion to the point of recently founding Boutsen Classic Cars and collaborating with the Top Marques Show in Monaco, his adopted homeland. A new step has now been taken.

Indeed, it is with great pride that the Belgian company Gentleman Car, official importer of Shelby Cobra, Cobra Daytona and CS GT 40 "continuations" welcomes Thierry Boutsen as official Ambassador.



The Shelby Cobra 289 Street Version (CSX 8000) is undoubtedly the most elegant and pure Cobra. The one with which it all began.

As a matter of fact, it is the closest model to the one presented by Carroll Shelby at the 1962 New York Motor Show.

A true legend on wheels.


The Shelby Cobra 289 FIA (CSX 7000) is the racing evolution of the legendary Cobra 289. One of the most desirable Cobras. It has distinguished itself on every circuit in the world.

For this reason it can also, on request, be equipped with the technical elements allowing it to apply for a HTP from the FIA.

SHELBY COBRA 427 – CSX 4 / 6000

The Shelby Cobra 427 is certainly the most accomplished version of the lineage. Modern chassis, rigorous handling, comfortable suspension...

In short, everything you need to digest the power and torque of the demonic 7-litre V8.

CSX 9000

The original Shelby Cobra Daytona covered itself in glory by winning Le Mans in 1964 and allowing Shelby to cap the world GT crown in 1965, under the nose of a prestigious Italian brand!

Only 6 examples were built at the time.


Perfect reproduction of the car that won at Le Mans in 1968 and 1969.

Proof of the authenticity of the approach, more than 90% of the parts and components are interchangeable with those of the priceless and extremely rare cars of the time.


A perfect reproduction of the GT40 MKII that won at Le Mans, the CS (for Carroll Shelby) GT40 MKII can be obtained in the exact colours of Team Shelby's 1966 GT40s.

A racing version can be built to special order.