1964 Jaguar E-Type “Semi-Lightweight” Coupé


The original Jaguar E-Type Lightweight is a very limited-production variant (only 12 examples produced) of the iconic Jaguar E-Type sports car, making it an extremely rare and highly sought-after vehicle among collectors and enthusiasts.

The Lightweight version of the E-Type was specifically designed for racing, featuring several modifications to enhance its performance on the track. It featured a lightweight aluminum body, which helped reduce the overall weight of the car and improve its agility and speed. The interior was stripped down to minimize weight, and some non-essential features were removed.

Under the hood, the E-Type Lightweight was powered by a 3.8-liter inline-six engine, producing around 300 horsepower. This engine was derived from the road-going E-Type, but it was further tuned for racing purposes. The Lightweight also incorporated a number of performance enhancements, such as a close-ratio 4-speed manual transmission, improved brakes, and a modified suspension setup.

This example
This 1964 Jaguar E-Type “Semi-Lightweight” is a stunning replica of the famed and extremely rare original E-Type Lightweight mentioned above. Built to exacting specifications, its body (based on a 1964 model) features a front hood and doors in aluminium, enlarged mudguards, and body-bearing roll bar give it a sleek, racing-inspired look.

The chassis adopts a specific front and rear suspension for caster/camber adjustment, regular disc brakes with calipers, period correct alloy wheels and semi-slick Dunlop tires. The original 3.8 L 6 cylinder engine has been modified for racing. It now produces up to 300+ hp, thanks to reliable valve heads with Weber 48 carburetors, right manifolds, and dry sumps, providing exceptional power and performance to compete in the iconic period racing “1961-65 category”.

The car also comes equipped with a synchronised 4-speed Moss shifter with a Quaife recoil gearbox, homologated low drag single-bolt style peg drives, a homologated 100L fuel tank, and a dual fuel system. The car has been meticulously maintained with a highly detailed service history and invoices provided as well as the original US import documents and plates, as well as FIA/CSAI documents.

With less than 300 kms since the engine was reconditioned 10 years ago, this Jaguar E-Type is in excellent condition and is perfect for track racing (only!), although the car has its NOVA certification, which proves that import duties have been paid on the vehicle and that it is eligible for road legal usage registration - should the future buyer wish to compete in open road races. Its competitive price, iconic design, exceptional performance, and racing heritage make it a true weapon of choice for the gentleman driver at period racing events.

Asking Price : 130,000.00 € - Trade in accepted

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