1971 Fiat 500F D’Angelo Street Sport

A rather special 500
You find the regular 500, a bit slow to your liking? We, at Boutsen Classic Cars have the solution for you. Based on a regular blue 1971 500 110F, which provided a modest 22hp and a top speed of 95km/h…

This particular example:
Is based on a regular 110F, which already featured improvements on the earlier models, including a five speed manual transmission, although it retains its standard brakes.

But Thierry and his team couldn’t resist to turn it up to 11 by switching to a larger 650cc engine, prepared by none other than D’Angelo, the renown Fiat 500 specialist from Italy. The car features a 5 speed gearbox, so you can bang through the gears like a rally driver.

Double the power
The engine makes a hefty 40hp (double the initial power output of the 110F), which breathes through a twin exhaust. The racing theme continues inside, with a bright red simili interior and outside with the yellow, red and red stripes – reminiscent of Thierry’s own helmet design – which run along each side of the car.

Everything else beside the mechanical changes is pure 110F (the car also comes with its original engine).

Asking Price : 23,000 €

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