1959 MGA Twin Cam

• HP: 108 hp
• Torque: 109 lbs-ft
• Transmission: Manual
• Top Speed: 182 km/h
• 0-60 mph: 9.5 seconds
• Weight: 952 kgs

Improved performance:
The MGA Twin Cam produced in 1959 was a limited-edition sports car developed by MG Cars. It featured a 1.6-liter twin-cam engine, which was an updated version of the original MG A engine. The engine produced 108 horsepower, and allowed for improved performance over the standard model.

The car had a top speed of around 113 miles per hour and could accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in around 9.5 seconds. The MGA Twin Cam also had a four-speed manual transmission, independent front suspension, and rear drum brakes.

Limited production:
Production of the MGA Twin Cam was discontinued in 1960 after only 2,111 units were produced, making it a rare and valuable collector's item for classic car enthusiasts.

This example:
This prize-winning MGA Twin Cam has been lovingly restored by a previous owner and comes complete with 100% original parts and full ‘Le Mans’ kit.

Manufactured in 1959, the car was owned and restored by Horst Bruning, FIA representative in Sweden and chairman of the National Historic Motor Club, who was also involved with the Swedish Car Sport Federation (Svensk Bilsports Förbundet).

Mr Bruning spent several years restoring the car, adding the Le Mans kit as well as an option windscreen and spoiler with neck support for the driver.

As testament to the meticulous work carried out by Mr Bruning, this exceptional car, which has just over 25,000 km on the clock, won an FFVE (Fédération Française des Véhicules d’Epoque) prize at the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Prestige in September 2022.

The car is currently for sale and visible at Boutsen Classic Cars.
Asking Price : 59.900 €

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